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Stamped//Random Pictures!

ok, so i figured i would post random pictures of myself and my friends...enjoy!
(ps: x-posted to a few other communities!)

^My Friend Eve and I^

^My Friend Erica and I Seducing a Plastic Easter Bunny @ A Frat Party..LOL!^

^Erica, Roeland, and I at his birthday party!^

^a group of us dancing, and my friend Mike kissing me...WTF is going on here?!?! lol...can't show that one to my boyfriend!^

^laying outside in front of my dorm...i was out there with some of my sorority sisters, and some of the sisters from another sorority!^

^random picture of me in my dorm room^

^my girls and I at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino! wondering why we're in camo? because we were supposed to go to a "support our troops" party, but it got cancelled...the party is back on for tomorrow though! yay!^

i hope you guys enjoyed my pictures!
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