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hi im new


Name: Krysta
Age: eighteen
Location: New Jersey
Birthday: March 26th
Status: Taken By My baby <3


Descride you in 7 words of less: optimistic. cheerful, good listener
List 5 of your favorite bands/groups/singers: any G-unit/ Shady . Nirvana, Staind, Usher .Jagged Edge
List 5 of your favorite movies: Honey , Full Metal Jacket, Save The Last Dance ,Garden State , 8Mile
List atleast 7 things you love: my boyfriend, dancing, basketball , shopping, sleeping
List atleast 7 things you hate: hypocrites,racisim,snobs,sushi,liars

This //or\\ That

hot // cold Cold.
sun rise // sun set Sunset.
summer // winter Fall..
flip flops // sneakers Sneakers
day // night night
10 close friends // 1 bestfriend .. neither My 4 best Friends..


Abortion: I think its wrong.. Its killing life . The only time im for it is in the case of rape becuase you shouldn;t have to go through 9months of pregnacy and wake up every day and be remembered you were raped.
Sex before you are married: I think if your mature enough to handle the conseqences of whats can / may happen Then why not. Just make sure your in love and are aware of what can go on.
Drugs: Nope Never have never will. I think they are stupid and not something im at all into
Reality TV: I actually like some of the shows i like real world .
If you could change 1 thing about the world, what would it be:Starvation.. I hate watching those channels about the babies that have no food.. It makes me tear all the time. so now I actually sponser a lil gurl in Africa.

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