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Name: Megan, Megs
Age: 16
Location: Michigan
Birthday: January 31, 1989
Status: Single


Descride you in 7 words of less: Creative, Different, Interesting, Pessimistic, Weird, Random
List 5 of your favorite bands/groups/singers: Eminem, 50 Cent, Something Corporate, The Used, Taking Back Sunday, and more.
List 5 of your favorite movies: Never Been Kissed, Hitch, The Forgotten, Garden State, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
List atleast 7 things you love: Writing, music, photography, reading, hanging out, talking, walking, chocolate, randomness, my junior high (I miss it, high school is lame), digital cams, penguins, journalism, and creative writing.
List atleast 7 things you hate: Lies, rumors, jerks, geometry, chemistry, being tired, snow, and being bored.

This //or\\ That

hot // cold Hot
sun rise // sun set Sunset
summer // winter Summer
flip flops // sneakers Sneakers
day // night Night
10 close friends // 1 bestfriend 10 close, I could never just choose to have one bestfriend.


Abortion: I am pro-choice because I think women should be able to choose under circumstances such as rape and if it could kill the mother. There is so much about abortion it is hard to have a solid opinion and back it up.
Sex before you are married: I think it's fine. Some people have morals and some don't. As long as you're safe about it I think it's fine. There are worse things to worry about, in my opinion.
Drugs: I think drugs fuck up your life. I would never do them because of how negatively they have effected people I know. It's painful to watch people ruin their lives. Drug abuse is becoming too common.
Reality TV: It gets on my nerves but I can't help watching it. It kind of contradicts itself because you have reality and TV together. It's not a mixture you can have because if its on TV it's not reality. I watch some shows because it makes me laugh but I don't obsess over it.
If you could change 1 thing about the world, what would it be: I would change how people view other people. I hate it when people judge people without knowing them. There's no reason to be mean to someone you don't truly know.

Lets see some pictures!!
These are really random...

-Farthest left with the girl hugging me.

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