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Name:  Danielle
Age:  16
Location:  Plymouth, Michigan
Birthday:  June 20, 1989
Status:  Singel


Descride you in 7 words of less: Truthfull, Faithfull, Loveable, A true friend
List 5 of your favorite bands/groups/singers: Martina McBride, Green Day, Tim McGraw, 50 cent, Eminem
List 5 of your favorite movies: Mean Girls, A walk to remember, Meet the Parents, Meet the Fockers, 13 going on 30.
List atleast 7 things you love:  Modeling, Singing, Acting, Dancing, Friends, Family, Pageants, Cameras, Swimming, Football
List atleast 7 things you hate:  Death, Being Cold, Untrue friends, Gossip, Breakups, Lying, plans being canceled

This //or\\ That

hot // cold  Hot!
sun rise // sun set  SunRise
summer // winter  Summer
flip flops // sneakers  Flip Flops
day // night  Night
10 close friends // 1 bestfriend  Close *( Marissa, Danielle, Coleyy, Anya, Donnie, Christian, Brandon, John Garcia, John Grima, Molly)* Bestfriend *(Rachel)*


Abortion:  It is really hard to say if it is right or wrong, i believe in some cases it is right (like rape, or the mother wouldnt live through it) but everything else its different. When you have sex either with a condom or without it is taking a chance. Sex is a responsiblity and you have to deal with the outcome. Also a reason a lot of people get one is becuase they can't take care of the baby, but really thats why they have adoption agencys.
Sex before you are married:  Like with abortion, I view it as ok but you have to be able and deal with the outcome if anything happens.
Drugs:  Duuummmb! Ok, I know no one has died from weed but still. I dont view drugs as a good thing to do. my sister Od'd on Heriwin (sp?) Last weekend and it is one of the worse things that has happened to my family and it sucks. Thankfully she is still alive today but still.. doing drugs is a bad decision.
Reality TV:  Is cool. I dont watch TV to much but when I do I do like to watch extream makeover, The batchlor, The next top model, and shows like those.
If you could change 1 thing about the world, what would it be:  That there would be no more crime, I know that wouldnt ever happen... but itwas if I could change one thing. It would be a whole lot better if people like rapists, child preditors, and people like that weren't even around.

 Heres some pictures! 
Im sorry that a lot of them have really bad quality. I broke my digital camera and i will be getting a new one within the next month.
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