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Name: Ashlee
Age: fourteen
Location: Massachusets
Birthday:  Januaray 16
Status: Taken <3


Descride you in 7 words of less- loyal, random, outgoing, caring, friendly, & crazy
List 5 of your favorite bands/groups/singers-50 cent, G-Unit (lloyd banks,young buck, olivia, tony yayo) lil jon, ying yang twins 
List 5 of your favorite movies- mean girls, the notebook, glitter, 13 going on 30, Aladdin
List atleast 7 things you love- my boyfriends, freinds, soccer, shopping, the beach, summer, sleeping
List atleast 7 things you hate: fish, people who are racist, bitches, fake, liers, backstabbers and who act like they are better than everyone else 

This //or\\ That

hot // cold - hot
sun rise // sun set - sunsets
summer // winter - summer
flip flops // sneakers - flip flops
day // night - night
10 close friends // 1 bestfriend - 1 true best friend


Abortion- Totally agaisnt it, no one has the right to kill an unborn child because i believe everyone deserves a change at life. Even if it was a mistake or rape it's someone life so no i am not with abortions
Sex before you are married: If you are willing to take responsiblitly for the consequences then sure. As long as you will be able to handle what ever may happen like having a baby or gettin a diese. It's a free country right everyone is able to make their own desions they just need to be responsible
Drugs: Not into it, i don't think it's right because your practically killing ur self slowlyReality TV: I actually like some of the shows i like real world .
If you could change 1 thing about the world, what would it be: End to aid's and cancer, it's killing everyone and infecting so many people. So far this year it hasn't even been 3 full months 3 people have died from cancer that i know and i don't know that many people so yes if i could change one thing i would want to get rid of aid's and cancer.

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