Ginamarie (xquizit_1) wrote in candii_shop,


Name: Ginamarie
Age: 15
Location: New York
Birthday: 61089
Status: taken <3


Descride you in 7 words or less: honest, respectful,outgoing, understanding
List 5 of your favorite bands/groups/singers: finch,coheed and cambria, mest, thursday, green day
List 5 of your favorite movies: a christmas story, saw, garden state, the notebook,harold and kumar go to white castle
List atleast 7 things you love: sleeping, snow days, summer, broadway shows, sun tans,  bubble baths, ice skating
List atleast 7 things you hate: gossip, homework, papercuts, backstabbers, am radio, being bored, cheaters

This //or\\ That

hot // cold . hot
sun rise // sun set.  sunset
summer // winter .  summer
flip flops // sneakers . filp flops
day // night . night
10 close friends // 1 bestfriend.  10 close friends


Abortion:  its a personal choice that a women should make on her own
Sex before you are married:  i dont think its all that bad, just be safe
Drugs:  ive never tryed any soo idk

Reality TV: sorry to say  i am a junkie for reality tv
If you could change 1 thing about the world, what would it be:

Lets see some pictures!!



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+I liked your views, you actually seem very mature compared to most girls ive seen your age.
+Im from Ny also:)
++ Your pretty

-Dont like some of your music but i dont judge people by what they listen to.

So yes:)
lol OF COURSE!!! ...and no not only cuz ur my sister. *haha*
i almost gave you a no, because your opinions werent discriptive enough, but i'm in a good mood and your cute, and the rest of your app. was good. =]
you're boring, and you didn't explain your views.
3 say yes and 1 no....where is everyone else?!?!?! come on people.. lol
okay well sence no1 else is alive in here ur in! lol